A Wicked Splurge

I’m in the middle of an interesting twist in my journey of faith. What do I really believe about God’s ability and intent to provide all I need?  And am I willing to accept his provision on His terms? And beyond that, am I willing to receive His generosity when He gives me something way out beyond the boarders of what I might define as “need” and do so with gratitude and joy?

These are the questions I’m asking myself this week.

I’m not going to chronicle the whole story for many reasons. I’m going for a summary of sorts.

The context of the story is life, I am no more or less dependent on God to provide all I need than any other season of life, but I am more aware of that dependence as I rely on the generosity of others to donate the resources God has entrusted to their stewardship to Wycliffe for my ministry. That awareness is heightened these days by a number of circumstances that include a long season (more that two years) of income that is lower than the systems and charts suggest it should be. When financial margin is small and then it has been nearly exhausted over time, I pay attention with a new kind of awareness.

Into this reality steps a friend who has been moved to include me in a splurge — a shared experience that will be a delight to us both.  A celebration of God’s unexpected abundant provision in her life that she wants to share with me. Through a conversation we landed on theater. And I don’t mean the movie theater or even the local repertoire theater. I mean WICKED. Jackie Burns + Chandra Lee Schwartz professional touring company full production WICKED.

I’m thrilled that on Friday night we’re going to sit at the Bob Carr theater in Orlando and be transported to Oz on a great adventure in story and song. I love theater. I love musical. I love WICKED.

I’m thrilled that I get to share this experience with a beloved friend who not only loves Jesus well but who has often propelled me to a great love for Him.  A friend who knows this is a stretch — who hoped it would be, in fact.

And my heart is stretched. Stretched to a greater understanding that my God is so beyond my understanding of Him — that He is not confined to my boxes that say things have to be done in an order designed by me or any other human being.

I am stretched (a process that often involves a bit of discomfort…even pain) to trust God more and then more again. To walk fearlessly and sing loudly and laugh with abandon.

I’m asking God to build into me a glimmer of the faith that was expressed by the Apostle Paul’s declaration of contentment whether in plenty or in need — not because God promises that we will ever be rewarded in this life with wealth or health or easy or comfort, but because God Himself is more than we need to be content.

4 thoughts on “A Wicked Splurge

  1. Sarah Schuh says:

    What a great post. Thanks for sharing your heart. And I am so very excited for you to go to Wicked. Just went a couple weeks ago…and it blew my socks off. Have fun! 🙂

  2. JGH says:

    I am really glad you get to go! Last night I shared this verse with a friend in another ministry who is similarly in need an depending on Him: 1 Peter 1:3-9. It is so rich with encouragement as we hit bumps along The Way.

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