“Africa” is not a country

You know that, right?

“Africa” is a continent — like Asia and Europe, filled with many countries. Diverse countries. Countries with various government structures and under the leadership of all sorts of different leaders.

Too often I hear people (especially from the States, I think) talk about Africa as if that huge mass of land were a single place with a singularity of mind and heart, a singularity of culture and geography.

Maybe a reminder of just how BIG this continent is will help us all remember.

Here’s the state of Bible translation in Africa (the continent) by the numbers:


The number of languages spoken in Africa.


The number of language communities in Africa who almost certainly need God’s Word to be translated into their language. 801 of those language communities have no active program working toward that end.


The number of languages in Africa with complete Bibles.

Want to make a different in the lives of one language community in Africa?  Specifically, the Alagwa of Tanzania? Wycliffe has a project for that. 🙂 Currently this project is 18% funded. Maybe you can support one Alagwa translator for a month…or a year. Maybe you and a group of friends could do that.

In some ways it doesn’t matter what YOU can do, the real question is “What does God want to do through you?”

Starting a new translation project, which is like preparing the soil to receive the seed, is always exciting. It means the needs of another Bibleless language group are being addressed.  The Alagwa people of Tanzania, whose language is part of the Dodoma language cluster, are a group of approximately 40,000 people living in 15 villages.  They need to know that God loves them and sent Jesus to be their Savior—our prayer is that many will come to know Christ.  An initial step is training mother-tongue translators. 

Gift Amount: $350 to support 1 mother-tongue translator for 1 month or $83,500  to fund the project for 1 year.

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