Celebrating: World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day.

During various seasons of my life I have had the joy and privilege to have a few friends who were born with 47 chromosomes and thereby have Down’s Syndrome. Each one has challenged me, motivated me, encouraged me, and loved me in ways that enrich my life.

My friends at Furnace Hills Coffee Co. are celebrating and invite you to celebrate with them. Order some of their coffee at a discount, share it with friends, and drink a java-toast to the men and women around the world who do not let the challenges of Down’s Syndrome keep them from living large, loving well, and doing good!

On the Furnace Hills Facebook wall, this offer was extended on March 6: “We decided to start celebrating World Down Syndrome Day today! So we are offering two of our products at 20% off. They are Erin’s Breakfast Blend and South American Decaf. We are also offering a new coffee — Costa Rican AA — at 20 % off. These prices are good through the end of March.

Visit us at www.furnacehillscoffee.com and take advantage of this sale.”

When you visit their website, you’ll read about the company and their story:

Furnace Hills Coffee is a roasting company. Our coffee is roasted in the Furnace Hills of Maryland by Erin Baldwin who is developmentally disabled (Down Syndrome). The vision of Furnace Hills Coffee Company is to employ more and more developmentally disabled people in Carroll County with the objective of contributing financially and relationally to other organizations in developing countries that work with the developmentally disabled. One dollar of every pound we sell is donated to an organization that works with the developmentally disabled in Ukraine or in community development in Southeast Asia.

So, LIKE Furnace Hills Coffee Co. on Facebook and read their story in more detail on their website.

Oh, and when you place your order, tell ’em Ruth sent you. I’ve been friends with the Baldwin family for something like 20 years. Oh the stories we could both tell about each other…but for now, we won’t. Right Dave?

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