Welcome Home!

The Wycliffe Global Alliance has been posting an image with a brief story/caption each week on their Facebook page. I’m enjoying it greatly and decided to share this one with all y’all via the blogosphere. including the caption:

“I caught my breath when I first saw this photograph by Lisa Vanden Berg. I’d found many beautiful images from the Lote New Testament Dedication in Papua New Guinea, but this one perfectly captured the intimacy of the community celebration, and shows a little about life in PNG. How I delight in the brightly colored skirts and the bare backs of the women, the soft fuzzy background of jungle, thatched roofs and smiling onlookers.”

“A Lote priest said of this day in January 2010, ‘This is not just any event. This is the Word becoming flesh in Lote today. This is Jesus now walking among us in Lote. …let it go down deep into your stomachs and change your life! …bring it to the spirit houses where you teach young men how to live. This is something true….’”

I’m grateful to have the joyful opportunity to serve this cause and participate in this extraordinary season in the global Church as God brings the nations to Himself one neighborhood, one community, one people at a time through Bible translation.

It is possible that within this generation we will see the last language community needing translation starting the process. Oh, that every people would have the chance to welcome the Word home!

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