Restoration Hardware

From time to time I realize that my soul is running sluggish and my brain has flattened out. This usually presents itself through a variety of symptoms which almost always hide under a banner of un-motivated-ness.  That banner can too long serve as an excuse, keeping me from doing the things that I know unclog my mental and emotional pipes.

I like solutions. I especially like creative solutions. CLogged mental and emotional pipes do not lend themselves toward solving anyting.

Normally when someone describes a challenge or complication they are facing, my mind kicks into solution-seeking mode.  I try not to let the “fix it” urges overpower my “be present” & “listen” attitude– but I’d be presenting false witness if I said my natural inclination is not toward making things right and making things work.

This internal leaning is strong; often my brain solves stuff while I do other things–like showering, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. This is a common experience for many people I’m pretty sure.

That phenomenon has not been working recently. Like I said: clogged pipes. I’ve had to intentionally work at thinking, and that can be exhausting. I needed a good plunging, if I can be so graphic.

I’m not sure how this works necessarily, but I know it did.

WICKED was the plunger for me recently.

I walked away from that evening of more-than-entertainment knowing that I’d had a truly delicious mind-heart workout, but I didn’t know then that the clog was clearing. It took the weekend for me to see it–to experience the ah hah moments of clarity that snuck up on me in the middle of singing at Northland or as I dusted furniture and swept leaves off the patio.


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