North Dakota

I was born in North Dakota. Not too many people in the world can say that. While I only lived there until just a week or two before my third birthday, I have memories of that place.

I know that some of those memories were imprinted through trips back to the great northern plains while others must have been learned from my parents who often spoke of the place and even more often spoke of the people who they loved so much.

I’m also pretty sure that some of my memories are fully my own and absolutely from that place and those early years of my life in Kulm.

Sometimes I wonder if my love for wide open spaces and huge quantities of fresh air might have been born into me there.

2 thoughts on “North Dakota

  1. Linda Gackle says:

    And, Ruth Delight Hubbard …. how excited we were when you were born to Jim & Lucy , our pastors … and, so of course, joined our church family! And, there are still some of us here in Kulm, and definitely there are still “wide open spaces and huge quantities of fresh air”!! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for your “shout-out” to ND.

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      It’s not uncommon to hear dad exclaim that he’d sure like to visit Kulm “one more time.” I agree that it would be fun to see people who are still there…

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