does it matter which route we take?

I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about diversity and inclusion. I find that I’ve been passionate for a long time about including and celebrating and such — but HOW I’m passionate is being transformed.

I’ve got a L O N G way to go on this subject with far more yet to learn than I have learned already. As I present some of the thoughts swirling around in my head these days, I guess I feel the need to remind whoever is reading this that I know I could be wrong. I’m so in the middle of a journey!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

2 ways

There are two ways to be passionate about building a diverse workforce and becoming a biblically diverse community. One way and the other way.

one way

One way focuses on the rights of all people to be included and then seeks for some semblance of equality of opportunity (at least) and representation (at best).  This way assigns metrics to categories of people and then designs strategies to meet goals which demonstrate a balance.

As much as this way may not be easy for most of us to actually do– as much as this blasts us from the comfort zone of our “way it’s always been” mentality – this is still, ultimately, about us and in that it is relatively comfortable. It still, in many ways, requires the people who are in positions of power to open the doors to those who have been left out in the out. Those in power may share the power, but they do the sharing.

the other way

The other way looks at the holes in the whole that occur when everyone who should be included is not. It considers God’s design of a diverse community of Christ-followers who are unified in very few things other than HIM – the global Church – one which seeks to be a clear reflection of the Body of the Whole Christ and not just a familiar arm or unthreatening earlobe. This way is ultimately about God. This way reminds us that none of us has a right to be included except that God makes it so.

who is God?

The fact that ONLY GOD – whose very nature is simultaneously ONE and DIVERSE, perfect community, holiness – can bring unity to our differences, and then only under his authority and blood, should tell us that this is more than strategies and metrics. ONLY GOD can bring all things together in perfect unity under Christ. 


The one way is works.
The other way is grace.

The one way is intervention.
The other way is incarnation.

The one way is human.
The other way is divine.

The one way is education and redistribution.
The other way is repentance and reconciliation.

2 thoughts on “does it matter which route we take?

  1. LeAnne Hardy says:

    I’m with you on this journey, Ruth. My question is, what does it look like? Sharing power is something I can do or not do and know at least to some extent where I am. But what do I do to make the other way happen? That doesn’t sound like the right question, but how do I know if I am part of the problem or solution in your ‘other way’?

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      I think part of my personal frustration with the “other way” is just that is it so hard to measure or define or build a strategy to accomplish. I actually lean toward a both-and approach that seeks hard after the other while employing the practicality of the one, if that makes sense. Holiness is not achieved via the law, but the law is a great guardian for us as we grow into maturity.

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