Light + Color + Glass

I love stained glass.

This is not too surprising seeing as I love light and color and glass and stained glass is a combination of these three things in a pattern. There are some extraordinary modern designs that are as breathtaking as any of the older, more traditional works.

No, I don’t like everything anyone creates using stained glass — I’m not a huge fan of the puppies and kitties.

Some of the images portrayed in stained glass are just “wrong” in my estimation. Like Bart Simpson. Wrong.

This celtic knot image is from a place in Minnesota called Stained Glass and More. This would look fantastic hanging in my sliding glass door space between the house and patio! (Yeah, I say that about a lot of stained glass.)

When I was in Brazil a year or so ago I was absolutely charmed by this space hosting stained class and architectural elements and statues. And LIGHT. This Brasilia Cathedral is near the center of that great nation’s capital. I took the photo to the right and then tonight found this wide-angle shot on the web. See what I mean?

It is also becoming rather obvious that I like some colors quite a lot. I’m not totally exclusive to the cool blue and green tones, but they are admittedly some favorites.

Glass. Light. Color. Pattern.

I (heart) stained glass.

I designed one really simple piece of stained glass many years ago for some dear friends, but I don’t have any photos of it that I can find. No digital ones, that’s for sure. I’ll put that on my list of things to so.

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