Occasionally in my leadership role with Wycliffe I get to visit globally deployed staff working with various partners in all sorts of roles. Sometimes those journeys take me to meetings and conferences at which I have a very defined role and for which we have a very defined agenda.  Other times my role there is more as a visitor — and in those times my agenda is often to be available, to listen, to share perspective and to encourage. Last week I was in Thailand mostly in this other kind of role.

These images don’t tell the whole story. They are glimpses of the journey from beginning to end. The best stories won’t be told in this format for all sorts of reasons. At least not in detail.

In summary, the story goes like this: GOD is on mission in the world. He is accomplishing what He stated from the beginning of time He would accomplish and He is doing it through some unlikely people in complicated circumstances. His love for the people He created is extraordinary. His Word is powerful. His Spirit is living in and working in men and women from hither and yon and back again to bring great glory to Himself.

One thought on “MCO-ORD-NRT-BKK-CNX & back

  1. Tammy says:

    First words were… hey, I’ve seen these before! Next words were… hey, that’s me…AND my cell phone! Last words were… sweet.

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