Orchids in Trees

I lived most of my life in a world where orchids are flowers you purchase from florists to pin to your mother’s new Easter dress on Easter Sunday so everyone else at church will know that you love your mother and know the rules of culture which require a corsage for certain occasions. When did we essentially quit with the corsage? Or maybe that’s just in my world…

Now I live in a place where orchids are sold out of vans and truck on the roadside and are often found growing in trees — at least in tended gardens. This orchid was growing in a tree on the property in Thailand where I spent a few days recently. If Floridians love their orchids, the Thai (at least in Chiang Mai, it seems) are nearly fanatical.

I hope I never lose the sense of WOW from orchids in trees. They are extraordinary blooms living in rather precarious places. I know people like that, actually.


3 thoughts on “Orchids in Trees

  1. Tammy says:

    I remember that orchid…

    No, not really. But, I remember something just as sweet. Time with you! A blessing from the Lord God Almighty Himself!

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