The Tour

Way back yonder in January I blogged about my under-development plans for a summertime tour in the midwestern United States.

Since then, I have picked dates and have started to fill in the blanks of where I’ll sleep on various nights and who I’ll see when.

The current plan gives me something between a weekend and a week for some off-the-grid vacation in Michigan before I hit the road with an agenda — Indianapolis, St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Rockford, Chicago. Live in or near any of those places?

I’ve also created a blog just for the summer tour.  I’m not quitting Hubbard’s Cupboard — just putting all of the tour-specific stuff over there with (I expect) links here. That means, if you’re any sort of regular reading Hubbard’s Cupboard, you don’t have to change a thing and you’ll get the main stuff.

However, someone can participate in the tour via various social media outlets without having to slog through my often-times verbose mental gymnastics. (Really, some of you deserve a reward.)

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