Wealth Beyond Measure

Back in the day–when I was teaching high school–I would sometimes have grads visit when they were home from college for one thing or the other. Those were some of the best moments. Here are Kelly and Erika, home from Wheaton and Purdue. 

And here are Nicole and Heather home from Oral Roberts University and…hmmm…I can’t remember now.

Want to know what’s cool?  I seem three of these four women at least occasionally both through Facebook and face-to-face.

Nicole is a stay-at-home mom to some really adorable little people living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and serving Jesus. Kelly and her brood are living in El Volcán, Chiriqui, Panama where they are serving Jesus doing the missionary thing.  Ericka is somewhere. And that probably sounds like I’m more clueless about her than I am. You see, Ericka is a woman on the move and everywhere she goes, she’s serving Jesus too.

What a blessing to have invested a little of myself in the lives of these girls and what an extraordinary beyond-expectation blessing to see the ways that God is working in and through them today.

If I listen to the wrong voices, I can think of myself as not having much. I mean, I only started putting money into a retirement account less than a decade ago and my bank account looks rather unimpressive.

Yes, in the world’s standards, I am uber-wealthy because I have a home, running water, a refrigerator that holds food of which I have plenty.

But really, even that all is no comparison to the extraordinary riches of knowing these women and so many others who are making a difference in so, so many ways.

4 thoughts on “Wealth Beyond Measure

  1. Mary Beth Frank says:

    You were always an amazing teacher; one that influenced students for many, many years. When you are a teen, it’s hard to appreciate those in your life who are working so hard to make you a better follower of Christ. But when you look back on those moments, you can remember glimpses of brillanc; human vessels that we were blessed to be impacted by. You were one such vessel! 🙂

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      You are kind and most generous with your words, Mary Beth.

      Oh, how often I tell tales from things like our production of A Murder is Announced and that glorious breakfast with the cast!! YOU, too, are among those who bless me still as I see God working in you and through you!

  2. Ericka Smiley says:

    Wow. Wow. Hard to imagine. You, to me, are a star, shining so bright, because you’re yielding to the LORD of Lords, saying yes to him, and WOW, what a work of creation he made in you. I’m so thankful to live in this time and place in history, and that God gave me you as my teacher.
    Thank you for serving the King through Bible translations. YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!! God, send your word to every people group, every tribe, every tongue. BLESS Wycliffe translators, and their project completion. Send your Spirit, send the word further than Coca-cola. Jesus, you’re coming back soon. We want to be ready for you. Please prepare us. Give us a voice, strong and clear, to spread the message about your coming reign and what our response should be. O God, send out your messengers.
    Bless Ruth. Thank you for her life. Guide her with your wisdom and counsel.
    Isaiah 46 & 54

    Love you, Ruth. Thank you for honoring Jesus in me. Thank you for sending the post.

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