Loose Slots

The problem with gambling isn’t the risk, it’s the greed.

God created us to take risks within the certainty of Him. Risk finding cures, risk looking the fool for love, risk rejection.

Gambling is somehow expecting to have control over things you don’t, as if you are different from everyone else. It is rooted in thinking that the laws of probability don’t apply to you. But they do.

2,650,000:1 chance you’ll be struck by lightning.

2,650,000×40:1 that you’ll win the lottery. (Was it “times forty” or to the power of forty?” I’ll listen again.)

76 of 18 year olds in our country placed a bet last year. For the majority of them, it was no more harmful than smoking one cigarette or drinking one beer. But, like all addictive behavior, it could easily be the first step down a slippery slope. We really do have to quit telling ourselves that we aren’t just like everybody else or letting our friends tell themselves that it will never happen to them.

And then there is the fact that when gambling comes to a community, crime follows.

But, more than all that, what does gambling do to us? To our souls?

Greed is SIN. Deadly sin. Period. All the time.

This morning at Northland, Joel preached on this particular CRAVING as part of a series within the Freedom from Bondage series he’s doing all year. I highly recommend the whole sermon which you can download for free (in a few days) from Northland’s website

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