Happy Cultivators Day!

Andy Crouch talks about our calling to be creators and cultivators. It’s a discussion I’m enjoying enthusiastically for a lot of reasons.

I’ve been remembering my mom and my grandma during this “Mothers Day” season (ha, like I need a hallmark-day to think about those two women! how silly). Seeing them through those filters, I’m realizing that much of what I love most about each of them–for they were very different women with some very strong samenesses–is that they were creators and cultivators.

That may be easiest to see in my grandma’s life for she cultivated in some really obvious ways: in a garden. She grew flowers and foods in abundance. To this day, when I see beefsteak tomatoes that are big enough for one slice to more than cover a slice of bread, I think of my grandma’s garden and those long, handled baskets she used to collect tomatoes.

Grandma also made rugs. This is one of the few I have and just can’t give up. She used to have them all over her house and we cousins used to have to endure the long walks down memory lane when (especially) my grandma and mom would start identifying favorite coats and dresses now serving as part of the floor covering that kept feet warm and filled the room with color. And memories.

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