I watched Romper Room as a kid.

(I didn’t realize until this morning that the show was a local deal that was duplicated all over the country — at least for some of it’s run on network television.)

Anyhow, I remember the magic mirror (which always irritated me, if I’m honest) and those cups they used to walk on (always thought I wanted some of those) and the Do-Bee.  The message of Romper Room, as I remember it, was “be nice and share.”


Last night was “sharing night” for the Orlando evening women’s class of Bible Study Fellowship. No magic mirrors, no D0-Bees (no, none of those either), and no plastic cups. But there was sharing.

Having completed our four-fold study of the Old Testament prophetic book of Isaiah — all 66 chapters — we gathered for one last night together to tell stories.  Specifically to tell stories of what impact the study of Isaiah has had on our living and thinking.

The overwhelming lessons learned from Isaiah in three words: GOD IS SOVEREIGN. He is also HOLY and POWERFUL, GRACIOUS and LONGSUFFERING. He is a lot more, in fact.

But the sovereignty of God is what stuck out in Isaiah and it’s what stuck out in the sharing last night.

  • Broken relationships?  God is sovereign.
  • Cancer? God is sovereign.
  • Loneliness? God is sovereign.
  • Financial challenges? God is sovereign.

Time and again, women voiced some of the challenges they are facing and the fact that the more they know our great God, the less those challenges overwhelm them or fill them with fear. They weren’t talking like deluded women who have taken happy pills. These are real women who are growing in their love for a loving, sovereign, holy God.

How blessed to have the time and space to share those stories and give praise to God whose story we tell, whose story we live.

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