Here is an interesting idea. Well, it’s more than an idea — they’re launching this thing tomorrow. Snoball. You can follow them on Twitter if you’re interested.

Here is the idea, as best I understand it. You can watch their video to hear it straight from the people, too.

Let people create a profile. Then let them create a rule that is something like “Every time I use this ap to check in at _________ (Starbucks, my office, the movie theater) automatically donate $1 to _________ (named charity).” I’m not sure if you have to check-in on their system — so this is in competition with FourSquare or Facebook Check-In — or maybe it uses those which already exist somehow?

Then, if I make that rule and you’re my friend on Facebook or Twitter and you see it and think, “I should do that too” you can make your own profile and then “join” my rule.

So, interesting idea.

I’ve subscribed so I will see when they launch and will likely set up something so I can see how it works — you know, test drive the whole user experience.

If I have anything significant to share after I’ve tried it, I’ll let you know. 

2 thoughts on “

  1. John says:


    Our site is actually and since launch its gone very well. We allow you to connect to Foursquare and Facebook for the check ins. We allow people to create giving rules based on sports, Twitter, Facebook and other unique ways to give.

    Please follow up and let me know your thoughts on it. Would enjoy hearing any and all feedback.

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