Fabulous Prizes

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I’m working on updating all contact information for those who are currently engaged with me in our ministry through Wycliffe or who would like to explore what that might mean. I’m be using an online form to collect info from both current and new partners. (So yes, even if I have your info and you are currently receiving updates, follow the link and fill in all the blanks you’re willing to fill. It will only take a few minutes.)

The link will take you to this online form (this is a screen shot) which automatically feeds the info into a spreadsheet for me. Yeah for Google docs!

And, for those who do this by 1 pm Eastern Daylight time on Sunday, June 12, you will be entered into a drawing for some fabulous prizes. Well, prizes, anyhow. 🙂

There will be some prizes awarded for those from the two church families I’ll be visiting in mid-June (Faith Church and Village Life Church, both in Central Indiana). Other prizes will be delivered or mailed (depending on who wins what and where those winners live).

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Prizes

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      I checked the doc and you are not there, so you were correct in your evaluation that something was wrong. I’m adding you now, Maren. Thanks for your continued partnership!

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