I’m slightly suspicious whenever I find myself in an enclosed space (big house in a storm, boat on the Nile) with about a dozen people, especially when one of them is a Belgian with a wax mustache.

If I’m ever in an English village talking with an old woman who is knitting and a vicar rides by on a black bicycle, I would consider my options for retreat. I’d say that I’d hop on the next train, but trains can be bothersome, especially late afternoon trains from Paddington Station.

I am a bit of a fan of the murder mystery genre and Agatha Christie is among my favorites. I have read most of what she’s written. If her stories have been made into movies or television shows (thanks, primarily, to the BBS), I’ve probably seen them. More than once.

Of the few things I directed with a high school cast of actors, two were murder mysteries and one of those by Christie. A Murder is Announced. Oh, the stories from those weeks of rehearsal and production!!

The most recent version of Murder on the Orient Express (it ran again this past weekend on PBS, which means it’s available on the PBS website for online viewing for another week or so) starring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot is spectacular.


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