Today I Officed at HOME

I worked from home today.

It wasn’t a plan-ahead thing but rather a morning decision. And not an “if I work at home I can stay in bedlonger” kind of decision. I was up and dressed and eating breakfast earlier than usual.

It turned out to be exactly the right way to invest the day. I was productive like crazy and yet restored by the little things.

Bare feet. Bare feet that “need” a pedicure. I’ll probably plan on doing that at home one day this weekend.

Better beverage selection. I can take any of the things I had today with me, but I don’t always predict at 7am what I’ll want at 3pm. It was nice to have options. Even having glassware options is nice for me. I’m weird that way. 

Lunch on my patio, listening to the fountain. A hard-boiled egg. A small chuck of cheddar cheese. An orange. Some carrots. A few rounds of herb garlic toast. It was delicious.

Music. Jake Brothers. Bruce Cockburn. Chicago. Indigo Girls. James Taylor. Jars of Clay. Lost Dogs. Nanci Griffith. Natalie Cole. Nickel Creek. R.E.M., Sara Groves, Rascal Flatts, Cheryl Crow, Spin Doctors, Toby Mac, Vince Gill & Gladys Knight, Woopie, Michael W. Smith, Sandra McCracken, Simon & Garfunkel…


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