Who will go?

When I was a senior at Bethel and God was working in my heart and mind to move me from the things “I” was going to do with my life to what He wanted me to do, He used an article in Wycliffe’s IN OTHER WORDS publication about Faith Academy in the Philippines to open my eyes to the possibilities for service as a teacher.

I did teach for over a decade, but not at Faith. I stayed in Indianapolis (not my plan in those early years, trust me), but never lost my view of that school in Manila. In 2008 when I was in the Philippines for the Kagayanen Celebration, I had opportunity to tour the campus and attend a high school production of (I think it was) The Secret Garden. I’ve come to know some faculty and students and parents of students who love this school.

So, here’s the deal — a challenge for all of my teacher friends out there:

Is it time for you to consider a new view out of your classroom window? I’m not telling you that it is — that is not my job. I’m asking God to tell you if it is and then, if so, offering to connect you with the right people in Wycliffe (we are one of many organizations who “send” teachers into schools like Faith Academy) to walk with you through the process.

Additionally, I’ll be your first ministry partner — praying and financially supporting your adventure. And I’ll use my small sphere of influence as an advocate on your behalf as you build a team of ministry partners.

Every time I watch these videos or see photos of student life at Faith on the Facebook walls of students or parents there, I get the urge to go myself. But it’s not what God has for me. I can “go” with you, though — if it is what God has for you.



If you want to check out the needs for missionary teachers around the world — or in a specific place in the world — then I’ll recommend MISSION: Teach as the best one-stop-shop for that.

2 thoughts on “Who will go?

  1. Ken Mullins says:

    As a MK (Missionary Kid) my many of my best childhood memories are of Faith Academy. A special thanks to the teachers and staff who made Faith Academy possible. A special thanks to Steward DeBoer

  2. Johanna Fenton says:

    Wow, you’re offering up a tremendous gift to somebody – or more than one. I’ll make sure to tweet about this @theseedcompany. Blessings Ruth! (BTW, I am a Bethel grad too. In ’01)

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