Some days more than others

Many of my friends do not live nearby. Some of them don’t even live in the same hemisphere.

Thankfully God’s provision of technology nearly eliminates distance as a barrier to relationship — and least the dramatic negative impact of time and space  in the past, but still.

These different friends and I have also developed systems and patterns to our interacting that make the distance of an issue, but there are days when I really hate it. There are days when being in the same time zone would be so…nice.

Let me be clear (not for them, because they know it) — I really would not have it any other way. We are where God created and called us to be. I’m extraordinarily grateful that before (or in some cases, with) the distance between, God called us into relationship and works through us and in us in those relationships despite the complications of time and space. I would say that He USES these complications for our good and His glory, actually.

Still, sometimes…

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