A Moment of Worship from Ethiopia

A church in Chambe, a small town in southwestern Ethiopia. This area is home to the Guji Oromo people.

People are reading scriptures in Guji Oromo. This translation was completed in 2008. The translation team was led by Tesfaye Bekema, a Guji speaker and part of the staff of The Word for the World Ethiopia.

Last week I wrote about the Respect & Reverence that the Guji-Oromo people have for God’s Word and how they express that.  A friend of mine — Heather — recently worshiped with this faith community and recorded this video.

This does my soul well!

Guji-Oromo people worship God from Heather Pubols on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A Moment of Worship from Ethiopia

  1. Trevor says:

    Too short! Too short! I love this clip…what a great example of worship being both aurally AND visually beautiful.

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