Rodeo Reflections

Groupon had a deal for Silver Spurs Rodeo tickets. Yeah, Groupon!!  I enjoyed the evening with Lisa, Marie and Carolyn. I was reminded that I do like rodeo competition more than I don’t. In fact, I am pretty sure that I like it quite a lot and would like it even more if someone would explain stuff to me. Thankfully we had Google search on a smart phone so we could answer a few of our questions along the way.

I was also reminded that I really like to wear a cowboy hat.

Just a few reflections after a first-time-in-a-long-time back at the rodeo evening:

We spent FAR more time watching the rodeo helper cowboys (I wonder if there is a name for their role — probably is) chasing and sorting and appeasing and rounding-up and re-confining horses and bulls. Mostly bulls. Bulls have more anger issues that broncos. Or at least they have a harder time getting over their anger.

Western-wear is bling crazy. Has this always been true?  I know the buckles have long been huge and shiny, the shirts have long been colorful, and the fringe has long been, well, long. But the fake diamond studding on belts and hats and all sort of tack.  I felt under-blinged. Not under dressed, but under-blinged.

Speaking of colorful shirts, Lisa commented to me part way into the event that “cowboys can wear pink shirts.”  Yep.  Somehow with the hat and the Wranglers and boots, the pink shirt does not in any way suggest anything sissy. Personally I don’t think that pink is a sissy color when worn well by men, but I know a lot of men who do not feel that way.

There is something fascinating about watching people who have well-connected with and well-established authority over powerful, smart animals.  Maybe I was already biased from having recently watched Secretariat, but the whole human + horse working together this is awesome.

Now, of course, I’ve got a hankering to see a big deal rodeo — in Texas or Colorado, maybe.  I hear there is a GREAT one in Calgary in July. None of these are likely in my near future, but “rodeo” is back on my list of things I’d like experience again.

Oh, and I’d like to drive the John Deere Zamboni. That’s on my list, too.

2 thoughts on “Rodeo Reflections

  1. jddoug17 says:

    Ruth, so funny. Actually, though I am a cowgirl at heart, and love wearing my red boots!!, I’m not a real fan of rodeos. I’ve seen a few people get really hurt and don’t like always thinking that might happen. And surely not everyone was wearing bling. I have never worn bling. Of course, I usually wear semi-western clothes. Glad you had fun.

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Red boots?!! What fun! And no, not everyone was wearing the bling, but there sure was more there than I was anticipating. Nearly came home and dug out the glue gun, but then thought better of it. It surely would have lead to crafters regret.

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