Deer Crossing

I was awake before my alarm — but not enough before to roll over and go back to sleep. I wish I could say that it was because I’m so caught up on sleeping that I just didn’t need any more. Not quite.

On my bike ride around the neighborhood I practically ran into a deer that was crossing from the golf course into someone’s yard by way of the road. I know the deer was more frightened than I was, but it still made me kind of jump.

This was not, by the way, my only wildlife encounter on the ride and it wasn’t a very long ride.


Strange way to start the day.



2 thoughts on “Deer Crossing

  1. jddoug17 says:

    True story. In rural W Texas a woman wrote to the paper. If so many deer keep getting killed by cars, why don’t they move the deer crossing to a safer place.

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