Indy Gifts added to the #1000

I’ve been in Indy for a couple of days. I head back to Orlando tomorrow evening. I’m so glad I decided to come up for the weekend before the meeting I have tomorrow morning. The time to connect with people has been a blessing that is not easy to quantify or explain.

And I am thankful for the gifts God hid for me to find all over town.

26. The way Indiana (don’t get technical on this one…i know this is a ridiculous statement, but I know what I mean by it) smells.

27. Tall, green, big-leaved trees.

28. Walking from evening church service to a place on the canal in Broad Ripple for supper — table for 15 please.

29. The Ali girl not letting me sit alone in 2nd hour worship.

30. Snot- and tear-producing laughter. “I love cats.”

31. Packs of children playing made-up versions of baseball. In the back yard.

32. Soft, green, fire-ant-free grass.

33. Hot sun on my back, cool breeze on my face, sitting on bleachers with friends watching tennis.

34. The comfort of being known and of knowing.

35. New friends.

36. Old friends.

37. The ache of missing.

38. Bold, grand, delicious organ prelude/postlude.

(2 added Tuesday)

39. Old-school, new-sight cultivation and creation hanging on the walls in small coffee shop in Fountain Square. 

40. …and a chai latte — smooth and hot– while I soak in all there is to see

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