i love cats

You’ve seen this by now. Maybe.

I just watched it again and I just laughed again.  I’m easily amused, but not easily this amused.

Of course, my penchant for self-analysis has me wondering what it is about this video that struck me so must more intensely than, so, a whole lot of other funny things on You Tube which are shared around by friends.

There is the element of the unexpected. The first time I saw it, I was not expecting this. I was not anticipating as much laughter as this generated. Now, when I watch again, I re-live some of the emotion of that first viewing. I think that’s why I love some old television shows, some foods, and some places — nostalgic re-cycling of the feelings from times past. It is a little like an inside joke that is somehow funnier because others just don’t understand. But not.

Then there is the fact that this is not realistic, but it is exaggerated realism rather than something totally other. This is good comedy because it has textures that feel real — it is consistently, realistically overblown. Like the Petries or the Huxtables.

The difference is that this YouTube video is not sustainably real. In fact, more than a couple of minutes of this and I’d be calling for some professional help.

Maybe it’s real in my thinking as long as I keep it in the realm of emotional meltdown over something way too insignificant because something else is really going on…transference? Is that what you’d call it? Kittens and brushes? (Wow, if you can follow that logic, you are as warped as I am…and I trust you find that as much of a blessing as I do.)

So…I love cats.

I want to hug all of them.

If you want to LIKE the actor, you can find her on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “i love cats

  1. Debi says:

    Wow, so all my hair brush moments in life are transference? I chalked it up to low sserotonin levels, but I like your transference theory better. I remember bawling my eyes out after stubbing my toe one time at Wheeler’s camp and one of the volunteer’s telling me that I just needed a good cry – that was my first encounter with my tendency towards transference. LIke your insights on this, somehow it connects with me today, since i find myself commenting on it…:)

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Ha. Well, let’s keep in mind that I’m not a trained professional. That any of my diagnosis or prescriptive suggestions are purely for entertainment purposes. Yeah….

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