Word on the cyber street has it that there will be a whole lot of new super-domains available on the web soon.  If you pay attention to this stuff, you’ve known for hours, maybe even days.

Apparently there is a global governing body that decided/controlled the whole .com and .net and .org system so as to not let things get out of control. (Seriously, Google it.) Now they are preparing to receive and, supposedly grant requests for new (dot)__________’s — thousands of them.

So, first off…did you know there was a governing council in charge of this stuff?  Who elected them?  Why wasn’t I asked to be on this committee?  I think I’d be a good (d0t) manager. I also like that they have their meetings in cool places. I like to go to cool places.

Secondly, in reading about this new development I discovered that there are currently 22 existing (dot) suffixes. Can you name them?  Ready? Go!

And finally…this is going to be a mess. Honestly, I’m already starting to sweat about it…how will we make sure to get our paperwork in to request certain things before crazy people do?  Who is going to get access to .Jesus and .Bible and .facebook?


3 thoughts on “.ruth

  1. Erica Shuler says:

    I think this is great! I just need to act fast, and come up with the money, to buy out .mybabyiscutest

    I know you’d agree.

  2. Ken Mullins says:

    I forgot one.

    The domain name arpa is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. It is used exclusively for technical infrastructure purposes. While the name originally was the acronym for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the funding organization in the United States that developed the precursor of the Internet (ARPANET), it now stands for Address and Routing Parameter Area.

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