Calling all Yarn

I’ve recently been introduced to the idea of prayer shawls. There are many ways that people use these shawls — many traditions associated with the making and giving of them. The common elements are PRAYER and YARN.

Debbie (a friend & colleague who has been knitting for most of her life as one of the ways she creates and cultivates beauty) is going to make one of these for me. We’ve selected the pattern of my prayer shawl which calls for “worsted bulky weight yarns — smooth, chenille, eyelash, ribbon, thick-and-thin, and so on.” The pattern we’ve chosen reminds me of an iTunes play list of favorites — it is built on a wide variety of yarns. (Okay, that might be a metaphorical stretch, but it makes so, so much sense in my head….)

I’d like to invite (especially, but not exclusively) those of you who partner with me in ministry through Wycliffe through prayer to consider making a contribution of yarn that will be integrated into a prayer shawl Debbie is making for me. It could be a tangible expression of your prayer investment.

Debbie has a knitter’s stash of left overs which she’s willing to access and invest, but I got to thinking that it would be really cool (for me…and maybe for you, too) to invite you to do the same. So…if you knit (or had a summer fling with knitting that ended in a small stash of supply which will never magically knit itself into something), would you consider making a contribution of yarn?

Or maybe you love the idea of providing some of the yarn for a prayer shawl as a kind of visible/tangible expression of your prayer with me and for me but you don’t have a stash to pillage. I’ll be happy to receive a skein of new bulky yarn too. Debbie promises to put any excess to good use.

If you’re like me at all, you’ll benefit from seeing a photo of what we’re aiming for in general.  I love these colors. Oh, I just love color. Pretty much all of it.

If I’m going to see you on my EPIC SUMMER TOUR, you could just hand off some yarn and I’ll carry it back to Orlando. Or, pop it into a big envelope and mail it to me at the house or at the Wycliffe office (with my name on it or it will never find me). If you hand it to me, it would be great if it comes in some sort of Ziploc or other bag with your name on a slip of paper in the bag with it. I hope to find a way to keep track of people who have contributed so you are sure to see the finished project.


2 thoughts on “Calling all Yarn

  1. Becky Hurley says:

    This is an awesome way to let people know that you are praying for them. I recieved one when I was ill the first time. I found out we have a group of women (men are welcome) that meet twice a month at the church to knit prayer shawls for people in our church that are hurting and need to be wrapped in prayer. I will be sending you some yarn as I pray for you often.


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