Control + Alt + Delete

I bet I’m not the only one who knows the signs in myself that I need a change of scenery and pace. Back in my classroom teacher days my students who paid attention knew that there were some obvious signs which would tell them that I was near “the edge” of whatever it is we get to the edge of in our living.

I’ve started to see it in me. Maybe because I have a vacation scheduled for soon I’ve let my guard down? Or maybe because it’s the right time for me to be disconnecting and reconfiguring.

I’m a lot more like my Dell laptop than I’d like to think. I need a good shut-down and restart on occasion so I can start functioning as I’m designed and programmed to function.

No blue screen of death yet. Programs are sluggish.

Oh, and I’m using technology metaphors to express my emotional and mental state. I think that might be a sign too. Of something. I don’t know what.

I love cats.

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