“The Bible is My Life” Newsletter Update QR CODE

I’m using an online tool to distribute my newsletters to those who have indicated by their commitment to partner in ministry with me through prayer or donations or other means as well as to those who simply “subscribe” to the newsletter. One went out just before I climbed in bed last night. If you are on my list, you should have that by now.

I also “Tweeted” with a link to the newsletter which means that if you didn’t get it and want to see it, you can follow the link in the Tweet on the right column of my EPIC SUMMER TOUR blog. You don’t need to have Twitter for that.

Now testing to see how this QR code works. If you have a smart phone and a QR code reader app (those are usually free) then you can use this code to access the newsletter on the smart phone. Mostly I’m experimenting with this — trying to imagine how I could use the technology to better serve my partnership team in some way. Any ideas?

2 thoughts on ““The Bible is My Life” Newsletter Update QR CODE

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Interesting technology, isn’t it?! I’ve been thinking about other applications of the code. You know, Lisa, that you’ll be one of my first “testers” if I do, right?

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