Wealth. Power. Influence.

I’ve seen snippets of the story and feel the disgust at “journalists” who (has it been proven or is it still alleged?) tapped phones of grieving family members and all such inappropriate nonsense. While I thought that shutting down a newspaper might be an over-reaction to scandal in the UK where scandal eats news for breakfast (I have no idea what that means), I figure Murdock is a savvy business person and probably knows what he’s doing.



I had no idea.

Then I ran across this graphic on BBC News along with a story and sidebars and more links to more story.

Murdock is a very wealthy, very powerful, very influential man. It’s hard to not be impressed.

I don’t know anything about Mr. Murdock really, but something about being all of this makes me feel a little sad for him. He can probably buy anything he wants, but I wonder if he has time and space inside himself to enjoy the really good stuff of life — things like the sound of water lapping against the side of a canoe occasionally interrupted by the song of the loon.


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