As I travel I will be recording my journey in a variety of ways — mostly to share it with those who are interested in the various this and that. One of those ways will be through Instagrams — photos taken with the iPhone using the Instagram app. Those images will (if I direct them to do so, and that’s my intent) not only post to Instagram, but also to Fickr which will subsequently post to my EPIC blog.   I will also post some of them to Facebook.

Technology can be fun. My intent is to NOT get caught up in the stuff…so I’ll choose not blogging or not tweeting or not posting Instagrams over not enjoying my time with people. I know, though, that part of my enjoyment is reflection and another part is sharing. So…here we go.

I will be giving preference to the EPIC blog over these next five weeks. Come on over — the water is fine.


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