35,000 feet

I flew to Indy 5 weeks ago today. I’ve been on the road since then via a Nissan Acura loaned to me by Faith Church in Indy. In that time I put nearly 3,500 miles on the vehicle. That is as much as I usually drive in four months. I was reintroduced to the wonder and inconsistency of Rest Areas — some of which are no less than amazing. I remembered why I love driving when I travel and why I love to fly.

One of the bonuses to driving was the time and excuse to re-listen to the Chronicles of Narnia by Focus on the Family’s Radio Theater. I love those stories. I’m considering how I might weave them into my life annually in some form or other.

While the road trip gave me some very real gifts, it also required me to give up some beloved gifts for a time. There is often an exchange involved in this life where we have limited capacity to hold, to be.

I’ve missed blogging, but truly did not have space for that and everything else these weeks. So many of the people I saw on this journey I get to be with less than once a year.

I missed my own bed and my own space, especially in the morning when I usually function on auto-pilot while I wake up (a longer process for me than some). There is a rhythm to patterned living that is comfortable and easy. People cared well for me along the way – providing me with fare more than adequate places for sleeping and really delicious meals that did way more than sustain life. I have no complaints. If anything, I was spoiled by the generosity of family and friends.

I mostly missed the people I usually see often or daily. And having reconnected with old friends I find myself missing them with a renewed ache. Relationship is wonderful but costly in all sorts of ways.

I should land in Orlando in less than an hour. This will get posted sometime this afternoon when I get connected to wifi or 3G somewhere and remember to push the button.

It seemed that as I hover here above the earth in a big metal tube — transitioning from one world to another in some ways — it would be good to aid that transition with words on a screen.

One thought on “35,000 feet

  1. Charlene says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this … “There is a rhythm to patterned living that is comfortable and easy.” I’ve missed it – a lot.

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