3-minute song mix

As I work around the house this morning, I’m enjoying my 3-minute song playlist.

A while back — not sure when exactly — I simply grabbed all the songs in my library that were about 3 minutes long (within a second either way) and stashed them into a playlist. It is a strange mix, for sure. But I like it, in part, because the music runs a rather wide swath through my musical preferences. Each song is relatively short, so even if it’s not one I want to listen to right now (my, how we’ve gotten picky with all the control we have in our lives) I am more likely to listen than push a button since it will only be a couple-few minutes. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised before the song is over that I liked it more than my initial reaction.

So much in that, I am afraid. We’ve trained ourselves to change channels and advance to the next song we want that we can easily miss a surprise.

I’ve added a good bit of music to my library in the past few years and so now I’m thinking about creating a second 3-minutes list…or maybe a 3:33 list. Hmmm.

AFTER I get my morning work finished. That can be my reward for diligence.

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