Trader Joe’s Rumors

I was wrestling with the Blue Box (my name for Blockbuster’s version of the Red Box) with my just-purchased groceries in the cart parked next to me when a woman came from behind and asked me where I’d gotten my bags.  Like many of you, I’ve taken to bring my own reusable bags into stores and my favorites for groceries are a set of round-bottomed ones from Trader Joe’s. Before I could answer (and I’m not really that slow) she added, “…because I know you didn’t get them around here.”

She was, of course, correct. I got these in Indy. She and I and the friend with her — waiting for me to finish already with my video rental — commiserated about the lack of TJ’s in Florida. Then she told me that there’s one coming to Naples, FL and once they come into a state, it’s only a matter of time.

The next time I was online, I remembered this conversation and hopped on to the TJ’s website. The list of COMING SOON…NEAR YOU does not include anything in the state of Florida. Bummer.

So, was this declaration in the Blue Box line in the corner of my local Publix founded on anything of substance, or was it just wishful rumorosity?  I guess I’ll simply have to wait…and wait…and wait.



4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Rumors

  1. thosewinklers says:

    Those rumors have been flying for years…I even had a TJs employee tell me–I think in Chicago–that on their latest staff newsletter it talked about how they were starting in Florida. Other employees in other states have mentioned something similar…and yet, the “Coming Soon” page never seems to agree. One can only hope…

  2. andthereyouhaveit says:

    It’s on the list now! Naples, FL! Only a matter of time before I can have spicy chai and power berries with just a drive and not a plane flight!

  3. thosewinklers says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, you’re right!!! It’s there! (Uh, not that I didn’t believe you, Joy, and checked! 😉 ). Wow. I feel strangely satisfied considering the unbenefittable distance of any of these locations from Nigeria….. 😉


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