I should have had a check list…

I know better, but I did it anyhow.

When my brain is more full than usual, I know that I need to see things through to their completion before moving on or risk forgetting that I’ve not done so. Somehow a near completion and stash to come back and finish gets recorded in my mental bandwidth as “DONE.”

Yep, I did that with a monthly report this past week. Even as I filled out the form last week — early, in fact — and then saved it to my hard drive without uploading it to the shared drive in case I thought of anything I wanted to add before it was really due — I thought to myself “I hope I don’t forget to upload this on Friday.”

I forgot. Until last night after Bible study when I was review everyone else’s report on the shared drive and mine was not there. I didn’t have my laptop home so I made a new report and then had issues uploading it. I gave up because sleep is more vital to life right now that this particular report. I got it uploaded this morning. Late, but done.

I do know that there are times when I need a TO DO list that is complete with boxes to check and things to cross off completely. Electronic version of these lists do not seem to work for me when I’m actually dependent on them. I think I should have had a list last week. I wonder if it’s too late…

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