Disappointed and then thrilled.

I tend to be disappointed when musicians who I believe are talented even more than they are popular (even when wildly popular) do a “greatest hits” album. And it’s not like I don’t get the advantages of such a project. For one, it’s convenient for a new generation or a new audience so they can catch up on the best of and I totally get it from a marketing/business perspective. It is a way to generate new revenue from resources already developed. Hey, I own a good number of them myself put out by pop artists from my student decade, for instance. I’m not totally anti-best-of-bah-humbug.

Still, when I saw that Steve Curtis Chapman had done what might be considered a greatest hits album, I was a little disappointed. (I’m still trying to weigh how much more I feel this way when I already own all of the previous albums so there is really nothing in it for me — how much of this is about me?) Anyhow, that’s a sidebar at best.

What I want to say today is that I’m thankful I took the time to look beyond my own assumptions about this album and gave it a listen, because when I did I found a treasure.

Part of what helped convince me to pause from my prejudgment long enough to listen was this video on

And then, with that door open, I listened to songs I know well recorded/expressed in ways that felt more faithful to the soul of the songs than the ways I’d grown to love them–ways which I would have said was “just right” until I hear the new thing. I’m not sure that sentence makes sense, but it’s the best I can do to describe truly re-created songs by a truly re-created man who loves and worships a re-creating God.

This is grace.

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