Cold Front

I woke up a week ago in the middle of the night (Mon-Tues) with a sore-when-you-swallow throat. Thus it began. This has been one of the strangest colds I’ve had in a long time. Maybe in forever.

Strange because the primary symptom for 6 days was a sore throat. Sore throat and occasional stretches of time when I felt like aliens had come and sucked 2/3 of the life force out of me and then got interrupted before just finishing me off.

About the time (Sunday afternoon) when I was considering more than my regular responses to cold symptoms, the sore throat mostly disappeared and the eye pain/scratchiness/goo started. Yuck.

And do colds make your teeth hurt?

So, I’m drowning myself in water and green tea and the like. I came home early the last two days and napped. Yesterday between 2pm and when I went to bed my most productive action was putting some dates on the wall calendar and I did a little of my homiletics for BSF. Mostly I rested/slept.

I resisted blogging on this cold for ten days, but it got the best of me and here I am yammering on about symptoms. Sorry.

Here’s the funny thing: nearly the minute anyone finds out I have a cold, they have a remedy. Have you noticed this?

“Hi!  How are you?”

“Hi. Doing pretty well…except for this cold.”

“Oh yeah. Hey…have you tried….?”

I don’t mind. I just find it interesting that we are so quick and free to offer medical advice. And really, do we think anyone is unaware of “drink lots of water” and “take Vitamin C” and “rest” as a way to combat this common menace?  Yet that’s what we share generally.

I think it’s a way to give permission to people to take care of themselves.

And I find myself wanting to reassure everyone that I’m taking all sorts of precautions to ensure that I’m generally not sharing the germs — and encourage people to not touch the stuff in my space right now. It’s funny how it makes people feel good when you refuse to shake hands with them.

So, that’s about it from the Cold Front. Feel free to suggest remedies or treatments…I’d love something new. Well, something new other than the little pot with the water up your nose. Yuck.


6 thoughts on “Cold Front

  1. Lois says:

    Oh, yes. I’m just finishing up my own cold front… my favorite remedy is Korean Citron Tea, basically lemon and honey and hot water in large doses :). The other one my Ukrainian friends have got me started on is inhaling steam (what is this called) infused with eucalyptus. I don’t know the long term effects but it sure has some good temporary ones, clearing the passage ways. Hope the cold front passes soon!

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Inhaling steam infused with eucalyptus sounds wonderful. We’re humid enough here that in the late afternoons–right after one of our 20 minute down-pours–i could just carry around a spring under my nose outside and it think it would do the trick.

  2. antlike says:

    Oh, Ruth, my raucous laughter is echoing off the walls of this empty office. NO NETTIE POT FOR RUTH! (I must have totally grossed you out when I did that at your house.) Laughing again! No, not funny…sorry. Seriously, though, I believe we should start a worldwide movement for judges to sentence brilliant cyber-hackers who create viruses to spend years and years researching how to cure the common cold. I think they could do it. It would certainly better employ their intelligence. No advice on colds…prayed for you, though.

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Laugh all you want, Dorothea. And no, you did not gross me out. Truth is, if I had a sinus thing and believed it would help, I’d do it.

      Now, about getting all these brilliant people to redirect their creativity to curing colds rather than creating computer viruses, that’s a wagon I’d be glad to climb upon!

  3. Martina says:

    my teeth hurt whenever i have a sinus infection…. so that’s not really good news…and the other bit of not so good news is that the “little pot” is the only thing i’ve found to clear up a sinus infection quickly (since my body doesn’t appreciate me taking antibiotics…) That, and selenium. And no matter how bad you feel right now, think how much worse it would be if you were in Berlin running a marathon this weekend… 🙂

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Ah…I was wondering if the whole teeth thing might be sinus connected. Yuck — but good to know I’m not totally un-normal. And truly, I’d feel bad no matter what if I were running a marathon anywhere this weekend. 🙂

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