Fonts and Dogs…and LOL

I found this somewhere recently. I’m not being intentionally evasive about where I found it, I simply do not remember.  I grabbed the image and threw it onto my desktop (this is before I “discovered” or I would have, theoretically, tossed it there).

My undergrad study included Graphic Arts and Journalism. The hours spent vested in the choices and complexities of font selection contributed to my font-snobbishness as well as  my font-fascination.

The fact that I can now find, download, and use thousands of fonts at no cost is astounding to the part of me that remembers paying for sheets of rub-off letters.

The fonts represented in this poster-like graphic are old school fonts. Even if you’re not done much design at all, there is a chance you’re familiar with some of them.  Helvetica. Times. Courier. Comic Sans.

I have no idea whether this is funny to people who are not as intimate with fonts. Humor is like that sometimes. So, besides the fact that the Comic Sans dog is just plain funny looking, do you find humor in the comparisons? Does this make you LOL?

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