I do scrapbook

Then again…

I do scrapbook (by my own rules) via this blog and Instragram and Flickr and other digital tools. I have to fight some of the same tendencies–especially the obsession of “everything” and the self-inflicted pressure to impress using these media as I would if I were doing the new standard scrapbooks. So yesterday’s rant has to be understood within this context.

I also scrapbook in 3D. I have stuff which is a physical representation of an event or a relationship and it is displayed (or stored, which is kind of wacky and could be a blog post all it’s own) around my house and office.

The former is practical — it does not take up significant space, is readily accessible and share-able, and is rather lovely. The latter is, well, a signifiant investment of space and energy, is shared in spurts and snippets at great cost, and is also rather lovely.

Let me show you what I mean by the 3D scrapbooking concept:

I took this photos with my phone as I sat at my desk where I’m sitting to write this — you can see the phone and my hand reflected in the glass over the art.  This is a “page” in my 3D scrapbook.  I won’t take the time or liberty to explain everything you’re seeing, but let me give you an idea of what is here:


The framed art is a color study cone by hand with cut paper which has been folded and painted by a long time family friend, Dave Shaughnessy. Dave and Clare lived in the Chicago area and we got to know them when we lived there (I was in 3rd-8th grades in those years). Dave was a sign painter by trade and an artist by design. His was the first home I remember going to and being uniquely visually delighted. This piece hung in their cottage in Bethany Beach Michigan for years — and was given to me by Dave when they did some redecorating of that space. He knew I loved it.


In front of the small cross at the left of the image there is a smaller cross and a Spanish coin on a string. I got both the cross at coin in the summer of 2005 in Barcelona. The cross was purchased at Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedictine monastery just outside the city in the mountains.

Why I have the coin on the necklace is the story behind the story. A story which I thought I’d blogged, but can’t find. I’ll relate the short version here. I was in Spain with a summer mission trip being led by Greg Pugh who was the youth pastor at Faith Missionary Church at the time. After a string of events which clearly had demonstrated to us that God is God and we are not — we were doing a debrief with the students and adult leaders together and came up with the idea of our own version of a stone of remembrance. Each one was encouraged to keep one particular coin (one with a hole already in it) as a remembrance of how God met and proved Himself faithful beyond our asking.

One more.


This one if barely visible in the photo — it is sitting on top of the silver-colored container in the second opening — so I’ve taken it off the shelf and opened it up for you to see. This leather-covered canister fits easily in the palm of my hand. Inside is this travel cup which expands and the handle flips out from inside. My mom gave it to me. She got it from her mom, but it was originally her aunt Lucy’s (I’m pretty sure.)

So, this form of 3D scrapbooking, while almost totally impractical, fits me better. I have to work, at times, to keep myself from becoming the crazy hoarding lady because I could assign memory and undue value to far too many things. But I’ve been willing to do that.

If you ever want to see this or any of the rest of my 3D scrapbook, that will require a visit. I’d like that.

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