Okay, this is a crazy thing that some of you have probably been doing for a while but I’m just discovering this fall: PINTEREST.

Funny thing is, I downloaded the iPhone app for it months ago and didn’t “get” it at the time. I’m not sure it got itself at the time. Pinterest was promoting itself as a way to see things in the real world, capture them with the smart phone camera and “file” them for future reference.

Okay, not a bad idea, but it was competing for share of marketing with way too many other “take and share images” apps, including INSTAGRAM which continues to rock my world.

People —  users — began to created a greater demand use for it by using it another way it could be, namely collecting images from around the internet and categorizing them on to virtual bulletin board (think “flair” from early Facebook days). With tagging and sharing and liking and repinning…and comments, the possibilities are outrageous.

For those of us with tendencies to want to clip images that inspire or amuse us to look at later someday maybe, to clip recipes to try someday, to clip ideas for DIY projects…this is way to do so without shoeboxes and notebooks with those nifty but space-consuming plastic sheet protectors.  This is a way to do so where others can see and comment and appreciate. And no running with scissors.

Okay, so here are my current BOARDS (or current as of yesterday sometime when I did this screen capture).

I’ve had others and deleted them already. Some because I realized I was never going to use them and others because I realized I didn’t care. A few of these may disappear in time, too. Click and poof. Love that.

My eleven categories (boards) are titled as follows:

  • color
  • i love rocks
  • hither & yon, to and fro
  • God’s Word for all…
  • cool ideas…i love ideas
  • words worth wording
  • doors and windows
  • just in case
  • Christmas List 2011
  • Stone Soup
  • how to do stuff i may want to do

So, if you are a pinner (which is like being a Pepper, but with better dancing), consider this an invitation to stop by my boards for a look around. Repin to your heart’s content. When I see you’ve been by and liked or repinned, I’ll consider that an invitation to come peruse your boards if you have any.

Where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. 

Oh, and yes, I do think this is another form of scrap booking.

2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Shari Baldwin says:

    I just “discovered” Pinterest a few weeks ago. I thought it looked cool, but didn’t really get it. Thanks for explaining it! 🙂

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