Maren, Dad, and some dog named Cootie

Some Saturday mornings are better than others.

I love a good productive sweaty work-in-the-yard or reclaim-the-house kind of Saturday morning. I enjoy a meandering garage-sale challenge Saturday morning. I’m quite content with a road-trip to see the ocean Saturday morning (though those are few and far between for me, which is ridiculous since I live rather close quite a few beaches — but that’s another story).

One of my least favorite Saturday mornings is the sleep-in kind. Don’t get me wrong — when I’m sleep deprived from a whole lot of a whole lot and my whole being needs the sleeping, it’s a godsend to have a Saturday morning roll around once a week. Mostly, though, I like to be getting my sleep one night at a time in large enough doses that I can enjoy a Saturday morning with my eyes open.

Last Saturday morning Maren came over to hang out while her parents dashed about town doing stuff. Hovering between six and seven weeks old, she filled the morning with holding the baby, looking at the baby, feeding the baby, changing the baby. I do not get a lot of baby time in my life any more. It was a fabulous few hours!

I even let Dad hold her for about 10 seconds. 

2 thoughts on “Maren, Dad, and some dog named Cootie

  1. Dorothea Lines Lander says:

    LOVELY Saturday sentiments, Ruth, with a picture that complements and exceeds your words. Your dad looks quite natural explaining all about Maren to Cootie. God truly blesses us in unexpected ways when we find joy is these simple wonders of life. And to think that we live in a shadowland…glory!

  2. Rodney says:

    It’s not often that we find another Maren in the world. In fact we had not heard the name before we came up with it. Our Maren is four. Her name is an anogram derived from maternal names in the family. See you in Linz.

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