I love the diversity of seasons. That does not mean that I have equal love for all seasons or all aspects of each season — just that I enjoy and value the diversity.

I remember being at Willow Creek Community Church for one of their non-Summit conferences more than a decade ago. Nicole Nordeman was there in concert and her song, Every Season, was featured. I think I’d heard it before that week, but I’d not really heard it, you know?

The song (lyrics below) speak of recreation and that, I think, it my absolute favorite things about seasons — the way they demonstrate year after year the wonder of life anew.

Today I am keenly aware of the importance of recreation.

I’ve been haunted by the images found in Scripture about seeds that must fall to the ground and die in order for a fruitful harvest. All four seasons are represented in that dance.

I’ve also been struck by the beauty and goodness of every season — and trying to reconcile that in my mind with the reality that no one season holds all of the beauty or goodness.

I’m asking God to renew in me a wonder for the beauty of His glory reflected in the diversity of seasons.

Every evening sky an invitation
to trace the pattern stars
and early in July a celebration
for freedom that is ours
and i notice you in children’s games
in those who watch them from the shade
every drop of sun is full of fun
and wonder
you are summer

And even when the trees have just
surrendered to the harvest time
forfeiting their leaves in late september and
sending us inside
still i notice you when change begins
and i embraced four colder winds
i will offer thanks for what has been
and what’s to come
you are autumn

and everything in time and under heaven
finally falls asleep
wrapped in blankets white
all creation shivers underneath
and still i notice you when branches crack
and in my breath on frosted grass
even now in death you open doors
for life to enter
you are winter

and everything that’s new has bravely surfaced
teaching us to breathe
what was frozen through is newly purposed
turning all things green
so it is with you
and how you make me new
with every season’s change
and so it will be as you are re-creating me

(Nicole Nordeman — Every Season)

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