Share the Blame



I bet you’ve played it: THE BLAME GAME. I know I have. When faced with the reality of my own trespasses, I am so easily compelled to shift the spotlight of responsibility for those wanderings and missteps on others. I come by this naturally. It is in my DNA.

When I point fingers about wildly, over-inflating the role that others have played in my own sinfulness and exaggerating the import of my less-than-perfect circumstances, I am practicing bad theology. Really bad theology.

I’m denying the OMNISCIENCE of God who is fully aware of who did and thought and said what at every turn in every situation. He cannot be manipulated by my narrative of events even when I make it sound really good.

I am denying the SOVEREIGNTY of God — who created and called me to Himself and who sent His Son to die on the cross for my salvation and the Holy Spirit to live within me for my sanctification — to BE GOD in my life. It is only when I own my sin and therefore my need for Him that He responds to that need with Himself. This is His design.

I am denying the HOLINESS of God by somehow trying to lessen my own sinfulness in his eyes.  If I deny what He states as true, I am calling Him a liar. I can’t have it both ways.

The subtle ways we blame others can sneak up on us in a world where the art of the blame is revered to a degree. I’m asking God to show me where I’m pointing fingers at others when I should be seeking hard after His ongoing redemption and reconciliation of my own wandering soul.

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SHARE THE BLAME (Sandra McCracken)

don’t blame the bullet for the wars you have sown
don’t blame the winter when you’ve forgotten your coat
when you make the same deals for a hundred years 
and you wanna make a change
you gotta hold up the mirror and share in the blame

don’t blame your brother for the color of his skin
don’t blame your neighbor for the house he lives in
from the same cloth, we are made of, we are just the same
you gotta hold up the mirror and share in the blame

like a coming of age, I am learning how to say
all the failures I’m dragging behind 
finding freedom to speak, freedom to release
oh tonight I wanna make peace with you

don’t blame the writer for the doubts in your head
don’t blame the preacher for the lovers in your bed
when you find out that the world is round, everything is rearranged
you gotta hold up the mirror, and share in the blame

don’t blame the president, don’t blame the king
don’t blame your history for what might have been
we will be free where the grass is green and the lion is tame 
if we just hold up the mirror now and share in the blame

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