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I love art in general and some of it even more so in particular.

Last weekend I took advantage of Disney’s Festival of the Masters in Downtown Disney. It is one of the annual juried art shows around central Florida that is free and fabulous!  Besides the fact that it’s on Disney property which is well designed and groomed (with plenty of restrooms and concessions and entertainment), it is a good show with a few sub-shows, including the Folk Art Festival sponsored by House of Blues. I’ve written a bit about this in recent days when I was reflecting on sidewalk chalk art

As I look back on the weekend and thank God for the gift of it…of being with friends and enjoying the event, I begin to reflect on why it mattered so much that I went.

I’m growing in my understanding that I have a kind of spiritual Alzheimer’s (and I do not mean to trivialize that horrid disease with this metaphor by implying that it is something you can overcome if you just put your mind to it). My mind forgets things that it knows and I can go for short or long periods of time as if those things do not exist.

For example, I forget just how my whole being is enhanced/enriched/restored through interaction with good art. Art makes me think in ways that nothing else does. I am healthier, more creative, better positioned to face challenges and grasp opportunities when I am arted-up.

I say that art works like nothing else, but there are other things that also enhance my life in similar ways. Spending time breathing fresh air, feeling the sun on my skin and smelling the earth or salty air…standing with my toes in the ocean or dangling my feet into a creek and picking up stones.

There are times when cooking and baking can be restorative for me.

When I start to make a list, I realize that it is graciously long. I also realize that almost all of the things on my list require intentionality on my part these days.

So, this is a reminder to myself to BE INTENTIONAL about what might appear to be goofing off. This meandering and wondering and awe-seeking is food for my soul.

What feeds your soul?


4 thoughts on “Art

  1. Lisa says:

    Outdoors – driving with the windows down is even a filler-upper for me. And, of course, people – great one-on-one conversations with people. Extraordinary grace, indeed.

  2. Tammy says:

    Love green… Love light…… Love streams of light… Love shorelines… Love ocean breezes… Love rocks… Love puppies… Love times of quiet… Oh, yes, the list can go on and on and on!

    Love how I just saw snow flakes coming down the side of screen on your website! :]

    Love people who make me love God more… by remembering the Creator of all of these things!

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