Mary, Mary, Quite…Contrary?

I was in Minnesota over the weekend, celebrating my friend Martha’s 50th. The party was Saturday — a brunch. Since I wasn’t flying back to the land of the sunshine-in-December until Sunday evening, I had the day to hang out with Martha and her clan (except for son Daniel who is in Omaha in his first year at Creighton University). 

I was finishing up my Caribou coffee when I overheard Martha’s husband ask Laura (their daughter) about homework.  I asked her whether perhaps her homework might be a project and maybe she needed my  help with it. I was hopeful. I told her that I am really quite good at dioramas. I even suggested I could give references if necessary. She assured me that her homework was an online project and no craft-project supplies would be needed.

Determined that a diorama — or maybe an active volcano, which I’ve never made but always thought would be cool to make — should be a part of the afternoon.

When I pulled Martha’s coat (which she was letting me use all weekend — another story for another blog), a portion of the plastic hanger fell to the floor. Ooops. I looked down and saw the image clear as good be. Mary, mother of Jesus, right there on the wood floor.  I carried the hanger piece in my purse as we headed out for 10 AM Mass at St. Joseph Parish Community.

When we got back home and before Martha and I headed out for a movie and shoe-shopping (two more potential blog topics) on the way to the airport, I just had to be true to my calling to create a diorama. I had, after all, be supplied with the inspiration of a hanger piece.

So…what do you think?  Can you see it?

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