Lost & Found

Last weekend, as I’ve already shared, I went to the Twin Cities for a birthday bash.  (And let me give a shout out to the #DELTA SkyMiles program and my friend Martha who provided ground transportation and housing!)

So, I knew it was going to be colder in the Cities than it is in Orlando and I packed accordingly. Socks. A sweater. Closed-toed shoes. After a bit of back and forth inside my head over which jacket/coat to take, I landed on my old favorite — a black leather Eddie Bauer coat I’ve had for nearly 20 years. Leather is a great outer layer and the temps were not projected to be too too much below freezing, so it was perfect.

As I sat in  my window seat in Aisle 17, ready for take off, I asked myself “why didn’t I put my coat in my suitcase instead of carrying it separately — there would have been room?” And with that asking I realized that I didn’t have my coat with me on board the plane. I had not stuffed it in the overhead with the suitcase and it was not on the floor under the seat in front of me or in my lap nor was I wearing it.


I’d  had it going through security. I’d carried it onto the train from Terminal B to Gate area and set it on the back ledge of the car while I finished redressing and repacking after TSA as I usually do. When the doors opened, I was in auto pilot and did not think about the coat at all.

At 10,000 feet I fired up the iPad and logged on to GoGo using a voucher and filled out a LOST & FOUND form on the MCO (Orlando International Airport’s 3 letter code) website to declare my loss in hopes of being reunited.  I also posted my dilemma on Facebook so friends could laugh and pray. Both were expected and appropriate responses.  Martha saw and promised to bring a coat in the van when she came to pick me up at the airport.

Martha seems to find great humor in the fact that in the time between when I left the office and headed to the airport — time when I finished packing — I had taken the time to move a button on the coat into a place where one was needed and had been missing for a couple of years. We laughingly agreed that whoever was the proud new owner of a well-broken in leather coat would be grateful to have the button.

All of this was made even more ridiculous when I went to get dressed for the party late Saturday morning (it was a brunch deal) and put on my black dress slacks only to discover that I’d IRONED and PACKED my back dress crop pants by mistake. Good thing I wasn’t trying to impress Martha or her family with my attention to details or, well, anything!

And, for those who like a happy ending…

I had an email from MCO on Saturday sometime telling me that my coat has been turned in and they can UPS it to me (at my expense) or USPS (at my risk, but no cost) or I can pick it up. I’ll pick it up sometime this week when I have space in my schedule to do so.

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