Flash Mob for Hire

The Carlson School of Management received a surprise visit from a saxophonist…and nearly 300 of his friends from the University of Minnesota’s School of Music this November. Well, a surprise for the students hanging about in the lobby, but not exactly a surprise.

I, for one, applaud the creative “public relations” thinking done by the Carson school who obviously not only sanctioned but arranged for this surprise musical attack on it’s own campus last month!  Partnership with the School of Music! Brilliant.

Besides — and likely way more importantly — it’s a really well-done deal. Musically lovely. Visually lovely. And seeing all those Management students crack a smile between Thanksgiving and FINALS…fantastic!

(Thanks to Martha for the FB share!)


“Deck the Halls” arr. Francisco J. Núñez and Jim Papoulis from “Coolside of Yuletide”

Special Thanks To: Greg Wrenn (saxophone), Campus Singers Maroon, Gold, and Mosaic; Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, University Singers, Kathy S. Romey (coordinator), Judy Sagen and Kelley Sundin (choreography), Phillip O’Toole (audio), Boosey & Hawkes, Northern Lights Video, Michael Teachout, Bryan Koop (director of photography), Steve Rudolph (producer)

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