Lamb’s Nativity

Okay, before I start rambling on about a few things this 3:00 video stirred up in my heart and mind, I just want to say that these kids did a fantastic job with this bit. Bravo!

So…two things.

First, I love that the sheep did what sheep do best…follow. This is always a good idea for sheep.

Second, like this sheep, I too often walk into the space where God is at work and somehow think it’s about me. I wish it weren’t true ever, but it is.

I’ve said it before, I’m more sheep-like than I want to be. And then I remember that I have a good shepherd, and it’s not so bad.


Title: A Lamb’s Nativity 
Producer: Juliette, Rowie and Gemz 
Description: A Lamb’s Nativity is a funny and cute retelling of the nativity story from a lamb’s point of view.

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