“I resolve…” is a perfect set-up for “I have failed…again”

While I’m not big on lists of resolutions — in part because my tendency in life has been to make them declarations of immediate perfection rather than recalibrations toward new horizons — I don’t think that potential or even probable failure should be used as an excuse to not try. I say that, but my record of trying things which I am pretty sure I’ll fail at might tell you otherwise. I’m not generally a risk taker.

I’ve seen this Thoreau quote a few times recently (on Pinterest and Facebook) and it has given me pause. Fodder for my resolution pondering.

If I am going to resolve anything for 2012, I believe it is that I want to invest more of my life in the things that I really value or want to value more and thereby invest less of my life in the things I don’t value as much or want to value less. I want to use this investment of myself as a way to change what I value. And no, this is not a new resolution. It is the same one from many years in a row — maybe with a new coat of paint.

Now the question left to answer — and I don’t feel that there is a midnight deadline — is what do I want to value more and what do I want to value less?  I’ll be tempted to make lists that are too long. I think that for the sake of keeping me on track I will limit the lists to 3 things on each side and add 1+1 if I need to later.


You didn’t think I was going to just make this up after 5pm on New Year’s Eve did you?

Well, maybe you did.
I’m going to think on this one a bit more and, well, I’m just getting started.

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